At GMS we offer various products and services….  If you do not see something listed, ask us…. we just might be able to help!

GMS Products:

  • Custom forged pistons all bores from 3.990 – 5.125
  • Custom machined sleeves from Darton Blanks
  • Billet aluminum and steel connecting rods
  • Heat treated / reconditioned stock connecting rods
  • Complete cylinder heads for all levels
  • Engine girdle kits
  • Counterweighted Crankshafts
  • Front of engine drive assemblies for oil, water, fuel
  • 2 and 3 speed JD transmissions (small block type)
  • Complete Alcohol fuel systems
  • Single and Multiple turbocharger setups
  • SBJD straight tooth timing gear sets
  • BBJD straight tooth timing gear sets


GMS Services:

  • Custom billet parts
  • Complete engine building and assembly
  • Complete vehicles: chassis, sheetmetal, finish work, etc.
  • Custom manifolds, turbo plumbing, mounting
  • Engine block machining: girdles, lifters, boring, etc.
  • Crankshafts: stroke, balance, polish, grind
  • Camshafts: regrinds and billets for all classes
  • Rod reconditioning
  • Complete cylinder head repair
  • Chassis and driveline enhancements
  • Dyno testing



So who uses our Products?

  • Mondovi Tractor and Machine ~ Chris Pichler and Greg Brantner, Mondovi WI
  • Tractor Depot ~ Carlton Cope, Salem OH
  • Wipe Out Enterprises ~ Sidney, OH
  • Salenbien Performance ~ Ryan Salenbien, Maybee MI
  • Bounty Hunter Performance ~ Brad Gautier, Four Oaks NC
  • Suits Farm Garage ~ Jeff Suits, Penfield IL
  • John Deere Pulling Team ~ Rasmus Hojen, Denmark
  • Peter Clarke ~ England
  • VSP ~Willem Veldhuizen, Netherlands
  • Post and Dros ~ Egbert Dros Netherlands